How Brand-First Mentality Influences Hiring Strategy

Are you still debating whether or not to build a strong brand that attracts top talent? Recruitment has undergone a sea of change. The recruitment technique of yesteryear, when you posted your vacancy and waited for a swarm of candidates to throng your office, has become history. Technology has changed everything and has shown us bigger and better ways of recruiting potential candidates.

brand-medialabs The word ‘brand’ per se has taken centre stage and is largely responsible for attracting top talent in this millennium. A brand matters the most in hiring as well as retaining great innovators who will fall in line with your brand’s vision and mission. However, the million-dollar question is how to build the reputation of your brand that is capable of attracting top tier profiles?

Work on Your Brand’s Vision and Mission

Don’t just take the plunge and take up assignments and work on them because they have to be done. Take time and work on your brand’s vision and mission. Once you are able to establish strong guidelines and principles, try to align them in your business. This is in fact the hardest part. However, it gives you a clear picture whether your prospective candidates are on par with your brand’s values.

branding-medialabs Candidates are also able to understand the brand’s principles and evaluate themselves even before the interview. For your existing employees, you need to make sure that every single employee values, understands and delivers what your brand promises to clients.

Market Your Recruitment Needs

Fine, now that you have created a brand that is hard for job hunters to refuse, it’s time for the HR to offer the offbeat recruitment experience personifying the brand, which will lure top candidates to your brand.

brand attract top talent-medialabs In order to do that, all you need to do is voice your needs consistently across all platforms, be it mails, job boards, messages, phone calls, etc. You can add details like how it is a great place to work in. Honest views in Glassdoor and Twitter add the extra zeal that depicts how efficiently your brand fulfils all the promises that it makes to the clients.

Go Social

Social media has evolved as the most powerful tool for recruitment over the years. What was considered as just an option a few years back, has now become the favored approach. You have a job vacancy? Go ahead and post it on social media sites and you will get the maximum reach.

brand-social-media-medialabs Not only that, it also helps to portray your personality, tell your unique story and showcase your principles and values. It will help build up a reputation for your brand that your employees will be proud to share. This way you can also reach passive candidates who might be just the perfect match.


Remember a strong team can take your brand to a position, which you have always dreamt of reaching. So what are you waiting for? Work on creating your unique brand and see what a difference it makes in the hiring process.

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