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Invest In Virtual Assets For Your Company

In the past, retail was all about bricks and mortar street fronts. Investing in the location was a habit that has been with us for centuries. Buy or rent a shop and invest big in space, paint, walls, partitions, design and fittings. The budgets often go shooting beyond what you started off with. But it’s still the honeypot for the shopper to spend.

In traditional print media, it was all about magazines, newsprint and mainly local distribution. It required hard physical assets and expensive printing presses. Now, bloggers, online magazines and new-breed news sites are producing online content without a printing press to be seen or a delivery van or a corner store.

medialabs But we are moving from an industrial age where the assets that were valued were physical but with the rise of global knowledge economy, the importance of virtual digital assets and technology is becoming paramount.

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