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Other Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid


We have seen some common SEO mistakes in our previous blog. However the list is far from over. Here is a list of another 5 important SEO mistakes and how to avoid it.


Poor Content

Content is the foundation of every SEO strategy. Poorly written or copied content is a definite NO if you want to top in SEO results. Google never appreciates duplicate or copied content and never indexes such pages. Every search engine prefers unique content that is valuable for the readers.

Finding content from other websites and tweaking is also practiced in the industry. However, this may affect your trust as a company and damage the reputation in the long run.

Non-Unique Title Tags

There are websites with same title for different pages. Some CMSs auto-generate such titles. A title tag is the most important part of an SEO and it should be unique so that a search engine crawler can index it correctly. A correct title tag tells the searcher that the content is relevant to what he is looking for.

Non-Unique Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that describes content of websites to the search engines. Using the same meta-descriptions on different pages will not do any good. Meta descriptions should be descriptive and persuasive within the 160 character limit, so that the web page does its sales pitch on its own.

Non-Credible Links

Adding links from low page rank sites creates zero credibility.  A link from an authoritative blog from your industry adds value to your content and boosts your page rank and the other diminishes your page rank. Hence avoid non-credible links from your website and value quality more than quantity.

Not Optimizing Right Keywords

Optimizing wrong keywords or keywords phrase is a common SEO mistake. Going for single keywords generic to the industry may bring traffic but might not actually convert. Using keyword phrases of three to four words specifies what you are selling. A little bit of research using keyword tools can help you identity what people search online. The more the consumer becomes aware of the service/product the specific the search phrase they would use. Highly specific multi keyword phrases are easier to rank and yields specific search results compared to generic ones.

The list is not exhaustive and SEO works well only when all the parts of it work together synchronously as parts of a watch work.

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Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid


After doing all the market research, coming up with better keywords, placing a planned SEO strategy, optimizing links and expecting things to happen overnight and all that happens is a slight improvement in your page rank. You might end up in page 3 or 4 of the search engine result page (SERP) and then no further and this even takes months of work achieving.

SEO is a slow cook process and takes a little effort in bringing the desired results. This can be improved if you focus on avoiding some common SEO mistakes.


Keyword Stuffing and Non-Keyword-Focused Content

Keyword stuffing is the process of inserting too much keyword for the sake of adding keywords. Such policies will be red flagged by the search engines. Too much keyword in the content will also affect the quality of the content to the reader. Keywords are an important aspect in SEO strategies and should be focused and targeted to specific content for better results.

Another mistake with keywords is that, not focusing on any keyword or topic. If your content is not specific and touches too many topics, inserting relevant keywords should be an issue. When you try to optimize for multiple keywords from diverse services it will yield no results and raise red flags.

Broken Links

A broken link is a hyperlink in your content that points to a dead page which is either removed or not points to the intended location. Overtime sites accumulate broken links and these become natural as sites get older. However this is a great nuisance from the visitor perspective. You are clicking on a link with the notion of reading what is on the other end and gets a 404 error. Google downgrades rankings of such websites. Hence regular checks of links are needed to keep the links under the tracker.

Not Using Analytics

Generating traffic is one use of SEO. But generating massive amount of traffic without conversion is of no use. Tools like Google Analytics can be used to monitor which phrases yield better traffic and which phrases yield better conversion rates. Analysing the trends can enable the SEO specialist to target the specific phrases in the website that return better conversion. The highest traffic generating keyword may not be the highest converted one (a generic keyword can yield better traffic with less conversion). Using tools like analytics is helpful in finding that unique phrase which may yield better conversions.

Not Optimized for Local Search and Mobiles

Pages which are not optimized for mobile devices will not reap the benefits of SEO. Recently Google has a policy to check websites for its mobile compatibility. A mobile incompatible website may not be accepted properly by a search engine. In the present scenario most of the searches are starting from a mobile device and hence the website should be mobile compatible.

Similarly local searches should also be optimized for better visibility around target demographic. A local business with global keywords may not yield desired results. Local keywords, phone numbers and address should be optimized. Services like Google My Business should be considered important and the website, address and contact information should be properly updated.

Design and Errors

User experience is one great factor which forces visitors to stick onto a page. An improper design, or grammar & spelling errors, or slow site loading speeds etc. will diminish user experience. A site with low user experience will also go low in Google SERPs. Slow loading images, too much ads, heavy JavaScript and CSS files, improper web format, all these minor factors indirectly affect SEO performance. Hence such simpler things should be corrected before the SEO strategy goes live.

The above are the very basic prerequisites every SEO should take extra care of and along with the tried and tested SEO techniques.

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Advanced SEO Technique To Drive More Traffic To Website


The Internet is a very crowded place, yet everybody wants to be on the web. Since consumers are searching for everything online, you ought to take business there too. But, surviving on the Internet can be tough, and it is getting tougher by the day. So, to rank among the top searches, to increase the traffic to your website, to boost your sales and reliability, you need to deploy advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to your social media and website content, and of course your digital strategies.

Advanced SEO techniques

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a new term and marketers have been using it since they have been online. SEO is basically the way you understand your target audience, and meet their needs to reach in a better way at a much faster pace. According to a report by hubspot.com, around 12 billion web searches have been recorded every month in the US alone. In the last year, the usage and popularity of SEOs have increased a lot as marketers have started to generate customer centric content and mobile optimization for better results. According to a research by searchenginewatch.com, 50% of mobile searches are done for finding a local result, while 61% of them result in a purchase.

So, you can imagine the importance of advanced SEO techniques in today’s dynamic and competitive digital market to reach prospects and ensure a prominent digital presence. The following popular technique will surely help you to keep your business on the go:

Video Marketing is on the rise:

Videos are a great way to engage the audience. According to a recent survey, 62% of all Google searches are videos. So, incorporating video content in your website increases your chance of appearing on the first few Google pages. According to the data by Quicksprout, video content gets 50 times more organic page ranks in Google than plain text, and 41% higher click through rates. So, include and index engaging videos in your website or upload on YouTube or SEO search engines to grab the attention when viewers search with specific key words.

Mobile Optimization is important:

Mobile marketing has been the most popular trend in the last year and more and more marketers are shifting to mobile apps. According to statistics, mobile searches have increased by 43% year-after-year. Google has also promised that mobile friendly websites will get a boost on mobile searches. Since, 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones for purchasing and about 70% of mobile searches can result in an action within an hour, it is important that your content is mobile optimized. This will help you to keep yourself ahead in the competition, you need to optimize all your content and SEO strategies for mobile searches. In addition, the importance and popularity of mobile apps is increasing and hence, marketers are quickly adapting to the trend by launching their mobile versions.

Social Media will become more prominent:

Social Media like Facebook, Twiiter and others play an important role in digital marketing today. According to statistics, 76% of marketers use Social Media to support and boost their SEOs. Your content on social media increases your visibility and also ranks you higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). With the growing importance of social media, links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others will make a website credible and likely to come up more in searches according to keywords or phrases.

Voice Search Integration:

Now-a-days, people are mostly multi-tasking for example, they might want to order dinner while driving or look up something, while working on a project. With better searches and multiple device availability, it becomes easier for consumers to reach you if you have voice search integrated for your website or business. Whether it is asking for directions or ordering a pizza, voice search is gaining popularity and become of the most important SEO tools in the near future.

Content aggregation is on the rise:

According to Digitalcurrent.com, 85% of Google search result consists of wiki, videos, images, social media, news and related things, which means that people are looking for sources, where all relevant information is available in one place. Hence, content aggregation is the need of the hour, where related data can be collected, collated, managed and shared. So, make sure your website also has a repository of such relevant and curated content from trusted sources so that viewership and credibility of your website increases.

Local SEO will gain importance:

This is growing trend and will catch up more in the recent years, according to Enterpreneur.com. Now-a-days, consumers are using their location to search for service providers, restaurants and other services near them. According to statistics, 50% of mobile visitors, who do local searches are likely to visit stores within a day and more than 60% of consumers have used information in local ads. 50% of mobile searches are done in the hope of finding a local service. So, a listing on the local pages is as important as your business coming up in the top Google searches. Your website and content needs to be local search engine optimized for it reach a bigger number of audience and better consumer engagement.

SEO is an important digital marketing trend that you need to adopt and adapt to the ever changing world of the Internet. So, to increase the traffic to your website, it is important they you give them relevant and important information that they want to read. Keyword search remains one of the most effective strategy, but other advanced techniques also need to be implemented.

So, make sure your strategies are targeted towards user intent and intelligible content for the target audience, so that they understand you and your business easily and reach you, effectively.

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