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Free Vector Art for Professional Graphic Designers


Today, readable content needs an image or graphic representation. This helps the readers to understand and interpret the conveyed message in a much better way. A graphical depiction of a thought makes it more intelligible and easy to present the initial thought. Plain textual content becomes monotonous and boring. So, images can be used to make it interesting and attractive.

Whenever, we are almost done with some content or looking for a particular design, we tend to quickly browse through Google to search for an appropriate image. Sometimes, we get an image within the first few links, while at times, we have to browse a lot. Sometimes, we get the required image, but either it is watermarked or lower resolution or size or blocked. So, rather than stressing yourself with constant searches or confusing pages, you would prefer a repository, where you can find apt vector images of good quality for a theme and of course, at free of cost, which can be downloaded and used without any restriction.

Vector artwork is created by vector illustration programs like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Inkscape. These are different from normal computer art. They use mathematical equations and geometric components like points, lines or shapes to create images. They are clean, camera ready and can be zoomed or scaled to any extent, without loss of quality. Usually, these images are saved with .ai, .pdf, .eps, and .svg file extensions. These are mostly used by professional graphic designers for printing and producing high quality artwork.

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The following portals are some of the awesome places, from where you can download free vector art:

Freepik:  This is one of the largest search engines for free vector art. They produce hundreds of free vectors daily with a current stock of over one million artworks in ai, eps and svg formats.

FlatIcon: They have around 107, 150 free vector icon in a wide range of formats like png, svg, eps, psg and base 64.

1001 Free Downloads: They have thousands of free vectors along with photos, PSDs, fonts, brushes and much more. They collect the best free graphics for designers from the web as well as develop in-house to enrich their repository.

FreeVectors: This is like a free community, where anybody can share free vector artwork. They are mostly free for personal and commercial use (sometimes, they may be restricted for commercial use). The freshly added graphics appear on the top of the page and so on. This helps to create a huge repository from the professionals, who use and work with vectors every day.

Vector Portal: This is an extensive library of free vectors, which are up for both personal and commercial use. The site is easy to navigate and filter the options as per your criteria.

DaFont: Dingbat Fonts is mostly a collection of small vector graphics. You can directly type a letter and create a new object in Illustrator CS6. Mostly, they are free for commercial use, but still you need to check before use.

Spoongraphics: This is a personal blog by Chris Spooner, but has a huge collection of original and amazing free vectors. Apart from the artwork, it also has a nice repository of insightful articles on related topics.

There are many other websites, where you can find amazing vector art, free of cost. They all have a huge collection of vector art and adding more to their stock everyday. You can search these locations for almost anything that you have in mind. Now, you know, where to look for those images, without wasting your time and energy, looking at the wrong places.

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Differences Between a Graphic Designer & an Illustrator!


If you can imagine things and turn it into reality, you have a creative cocoon ready to burst open. Two of the most prominent profiles that can interest a creative person are Graphic Designing and Illustration. Both of these might sound similar, but there is a marked difference between them in terms of job description and deliverables.

Though, both the professionals work with visual output, the nature of work, job responsibilities and technical requirements are quite different. The following pointers will compare and contrast between these two roles from different aspects:



graphic designer may use a combination of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce a final result. Graphic design often refers to both the process (designing) by which the communication is created and the products (designs) which are generated. A graphic designer works on the entire packaging of the message, which needs to be conveyed. They can work better on entire websites, brochures and other business requirements.

An illustrator is an artist who specializes in enhancing writing or elucidating concepts by providing a visual representation that corresponds to the content of the associated text or idea. An illustrator works on fine arts, drawings and brings out the communication in parts to make a complete picture. They can work better on logos, colour, texture and other aspects of an image.

Job Description

An illustration mainly works with the visual elements like style and texture. Today illustrators use vector softwares to create and develop wonderful 2-D line arts or pictures. Often, they resort to the traditional ways like pen and paper to convey the right emotion.

On the contrary, a graphic designer has a set guidelines and standards to follow. For them, it is not just the image, but coding, designing, typography, layout, texts, photography, videos, interactive media and a lot more. They aim to create deliverables to sell/promote a brand in the commercial space. They might need help from illustrators too. There are many basic to sophisticated softwares, which are available for graphic designers to create and implement ideas.


Graphic designers are mostly associated with website design, product packaging, image development, media and brand promotions, motion components and others. However, an illustrator focuses on logos, design of product packaging, book illustrations, magazine covers, and others.

Working Style

Graphic designers mainly work with big companies like manufacturing, automobile, or consumer products, advertising firms and others. Illustrators are mostly found in comic book houses, publishing firms, advertising agencies, fashion firms and similar organizations.

We see that both the fields are overlapping, yet different in a few respects. Both,  can work independently or complementingeach other towards the goal of a project. Sometimes, it is said, that an illustrator can be a good designer, but the reverse is not true. Because, illustration is more like an inner skill, just similar to drawing. However, both of them can work as freelancers or with creative firms or advertising agencies.

For all professionals, it is important to have proper portfolios for the sales pitch. So, if you are clear on the path that serves you best, it is time to get started and get going.

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4 Great Tools A Graphic Designer Must Have

If you are a graphic designer who loves to create fascinating and stunning graphics, then you must be possessing the updated version of the Adobe Creative Cloud – that is the Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, right? These are in fact the most common design tools any graphic designer should have.

Apart from these standard tools, a graphic designer also needs to keep a few other tools handy to design effectively. Design tools that are thorough and useful, help a graphic designer to glide through the journey of creating beautiful designs. There are many tools available online, however, you need to choose the right ones that will magnify and heighten your creativity.

The graphic designing team at MediaLabs has shared 4 great tools that every graphic designer must have in his/her career: Read more