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Video Marketing War: Who is Winning It?

The future of online marketing is here – it is Video Marketing. The war gets intense as all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are gearing up to win the mighty space that was once predominated by YouTube.


The social media powerhouses are developing video marketing resources in their own way. Are you making the most of this advantage to promote your business online? Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Business

Social media, if used properly, can be a dream; however, if used otherwise, can be your worst nightmare. And if you represent a brand, then you need to be doubly aware and alert. If you are not using it in the right way, it might just prove to be a huge loss of both time and money spent on it. True, there are no hard and fast rules to it. In fact, when business houses first recognized the potential of social media in marketing, they started using it randomly. So, the strategy entirely consisted of a trial and error method, to see what works where, and then to take it further from there in order to succeed.




But what about social media today? Are we still blindly feeling our way around? The answer is “No.” Now, we have in fact overcome the obstacles and are aware of the basic etiquettes of social media, isn’t it? However, with the constant evolution and growth, some business houses find it tough to follow the right etiquettes. The more they promote their brand in social media, the more they fall prey to committing some of the worst mistakes. So, here are 10 do’s and don’ts that businesses, irrespective of their sizes, need to follow. Are you aware of them? Read more

Designing A Brochure? Here’s How To Do It!

If you are thinking that the humble brochure has lost its significance in the wake of digital media, then think again. A beautifully designed brochure with persuasive content can be just the thing your brand needs. For instance, if you are invited to a business event and would like to share the different services your company offers – how would you do that effectively? How can you cast a spell on them so that your brand and services have that lasting effect?

Yes! You guessed it right! It’s through a well-made brochure. Your brochure should be intriguing so that even after reading it, it stays with the reader who would want to visit your website to know more about your company. Well, the next question that should come to your mind is how do you intrigue them? For that, you need to create a brochure in a way that people can connect to it the minute they set eyes on it. While skimming through it, they should be curious enough to want to contact you. Here are some ways in which you can design an awesome brochure for yourself.
Read more

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