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Tips on Tri-fold Brochure Design


A brochure is an important tool for marketing and promotion for any organization. The design, content, and the layout of a brochure is very important for a good first impression and a long lasting one. There are different kinds of marketing collaterals, which organizations use for different purposes like brand building, brand visibility, promotions etc. A tri-fold brochure is one such brochure, which are effective due to its compact size and can be placed in any holder. It is also easy to carry, so prospects might retain it. It is also easy to display it on the desk or somewhere else in full visibility.


What is a tri-fold brochure?

A tri-fold brochure is basically a bi-fold and a tri-panel brochure made by folding a 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper, twice. It creates 3 panels and content is printed on both the sides of each panel. As mentioned above, it is quite handy and popular due to its compact size. Small businesses prefer this as it can easily mailed in a #10 envelope. Every panel can have a different unique design or a single design can be spread over the three panels. It is an attractive and a low-cost sales tool, which helps you and your business to stand out in the crowd, if designed effectively.

What is the importance of a tri-fold brochure?

Apart from the size implication, the following factor or trends also contribute to the importance and growing popularity of tri-fold brochures over others:

  • The emergence and usage of the Company website for information and sales conversion have done away the need for elaborate, printed brochures. Rather, people prefer smaller ones, which can store easily or display. Tri-fold brochures serve just the purpose and hence preferred by many.
  • Continuing from the first point, these brochures are also cost effective. They are low cost on printing and hence contribute towards cutting down of marketing expenses.
  • Finally, today people prefer environment friendly ways to run their businesses. So, these brochures are helpful in avoiding wasteful paper promotions.

Overall, this is an effective tool for spreading the word around, at an economical cost.

A few design tips for a tri-fold brochure have been listed below:

A tri-fold brochure has three panels- front, back and interiors. So, the design has to be such that every panel is utilized effectively and the message is conveyed in the right way.

The Front Panel needs to be attractive with the logo, tagline or an eye-catching image. Not much of textual information should be given here.

The Interior Panels can be wisely used with content like features, products, testimonials (back interior) and others. Offers, promotions, discounts and call to action can also be put there.

Back Panel is mostly used for contact information or something to reinforce or remind them like an image or a catchy line or note. Do not put important information there. The contact information should be crisp and clear.

Margins should be carefully designed. There should be enough gap or white space, so that when it is folded, no content gets hidden and broken.

The flow of content needs to be designed properly. You need to plan what comes next, so that people do not get confused with so many sides. They should be able to understand, which panel follows.

It is important to choose an existing template from the printer. The design and layout will be based on it, so that it is easy to print. The inner flap is a bit smaller than the outer one, so that it opens neatly. It is important to ensure that the design meets the printer’s expectation.

Once the design is in process, you probably need to print and fold them as a mock test, to decide which looks better. This exercise helps to see the ‘look and feel’ of the final product. Once you print and fold, you will be able to figure out if the edges are proper and the contents are in place.

You can experiment and try something new with the design. It is not necessary that every panel will have a discreet and separate image. You can also select an image, which can bleed over the edges and spread across the panels to convey an idea. Sometimes, these kind of graphics is more attractive and impactful.

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Video Testimonials – A must have tool for future marketing


Digital marketing, especially video marketing has taken the Internet by storm in the last year, and is expected to grow in the current year too. With more and more consumers shifting to the web for purchases, marketers are leveraging video content to their advantage. Studies show that 74% of B2B marketers felt the video converts are better than any other medium. It also shows that those who are using videos are growing revenues 49% more than others.

Among one of the noticeable trends of video marketing in 2016, video testimonials has the biggest impact. It has been found that more than half of marketers, who have successfully used video content for marketing believe that product demo and customer testimonials are the most effective types of videos. Hence, we see that more and more sales team are using video content to connect to prospects and hence the growing importance of video testimonials.

Video Testimonials - A must have tool for future marketing

How users are viewing videos over the Internet?

According to a report by FastCompany.com, the daily video viewership of Facebook videos has doubled to about 8 billion over the last year. According to another report, this figure is expected to rise to 20 billion by the end of 2016 and that brands should be ready for it. Not only Facebook, competing platforms like Twitter, Snapchat have reported increased video viewership and expect the same to rise significantly in 2016.

So, we can see that users are now all over the Internet for their needs and purchases. Not only the social media, users are also attracted to video content on a Company’s landing page or e-commerce blogs. Studies say that a video on the landing page increases conversions by 80% or more.

According to another report, customer testimonials ranks the highest when it comes to video marketing success. So, let us take a look at what is video testimonial all about.

What is a Video Testimonial?

Video testimonials are brand reviews to build the goodwill. They tell others how good you are at your business. This is one of the key things to build a good brand image and brand value.

Customer reviews are known to create a 74% increase in conversion and 90% of consumers admit that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. Around 79% of online shoppers trust testimonials as much as recommendations from friends.

And, why video? Online visitors are 64% likely to buy a product if they see a video about it. So, you can imagine the impact of video testimonials.

Why video testimonials are effective?

Video testimonial is taking digital marketing to the next level and marketers should use it to the optimum to generate online sales and build their brand reputation.The main reasons why video testimonials work better than others are as follows:

People love video:

Video content has always been more impactful than any other medium. People love it when there is a face to the message. Video messages are more exciting to watch than reading a lengthy content.

Emotional connect and Trust:

Videos have a better emotional connect with viewers than anything else. Viewers love to see the emotions, when they talk about a product or explain their views. Viewers will trust a face more than simple words.

Better Understanding:

A video message makes it easier for viewers to understand and interpret an idea. More than words, actions and eye contact make the message more believable. Even a layman would be able to understand a product better through a video than a textual content.

Makes the message more powerful:

Messages can be conveyed in a wide number of ways. The reason videos work the best is the impact it make son our minds. We tend to remember a lot of what we see and hear. The tone, the pitch and everything about a video makes it recollection quotient high.

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Digital Marketing Trends 2016


The Internet has evolved over time and now it caters to almost every other need of both consumers and marketers. Digital Marketing has been around for quite sometime now, but it changes so dynamically that marketers need to keep an eye on the market and adapt accordingly.

According to a recent survey, 80% of marketers feel that their spending on digital marketing will significantly increase in 2016, than what it was in 2015.The way data and information is presented and shared on the web has changed the way businesses reach and engage their customers.

The New Year brings new challenges and innovations, new trends and tricks of the trade. Digital Marketing was at a high in 2015, but 2016 opens up a new perspective altogether. Some of the Digital Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2016 has been discussed below.

Content is King:

According to Managing Digital Marketing report by Smart Insights, marketers feel that content marketing will have the greatest impact in 2016, followed by Big Data and Marketing Automation. Hence, relevant yet personalized content over different channels will be of utmost importance in the coming years. Your content should be able to build your brand identity through website, social media, blogs and much more.

Multimedia Matters:

Mobile marketing is the next big thing. With more and more users shifting to mobile devices, it will be one of the major channels for digital marketing. Research shows that time spent per day on mobiles has increased and it is more than a laptop or other connected devices. This will keep rising in the coming years, so marketers need to be updated with their mobile marketing strategies. Moreover, it has been found that 25% of consumers shift between at least three devices to interact with different digital channels on a daily basis. So, multichannel presence and coveragewill be the next big strategy.

Video Marketing:

Videos are everywhere.They have been integrated into social media, websites and across other platforms as well. Facebook streaming, Snapchat, Periscope and similar apps have taken the web by storm. Video marketing will keep evolving and revolutionizing everything.Video streaming and sharing will take digital marketing to a next new level.

Marketing Analytics:

As mentioned earlier, Big Data is set to become the next thing, which includes market and customer insights and predictive analytics. There will be smarter machine learning from all the data available over the Internet. Marketers will be able to channelize their digital marketing strategies, based on online analytics and implement required changes. This will also lead to better automation of processes and reaching the customer in a new way.

Consumer Experience over Social Media:

Social Media will keep getting more engaging for consumers. Marketers need to focus on ways and tools to give a seamless experience to the consumer over the web. The more they engage and interact with them over digital channels, the more the chances of brand awareness, reach and prospective sales.

With more and more consumers shifting to the web, digital marketing is an important business strategy. According to Gartner survey, digital marketing is now mainstream and digital e-commerce is now the main focus for marketers. 61% of marketers intend to increase their marketing budgets in 2016. Businesses need to strategize, incorporate and implement changing digital marketing trends to grow and sustain themselves.


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