The Dot-com Bubble

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Beginning of the internet era

It was in 1992, when the Internet era started. However, it started without the existence of the World Wide Web (www). Internet was made available to the world through the “www” network in the following year. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) agency of the US Government was instrumental in making it public. Internet penetration among users worldwide rose substantially after privatization of the Internet in 1994.

Growth of the dot-com bubble

The Internet era continued to boom from April 1997 till March 2000. During that time period, Information Technology (IT) was at its prime and became the key accelerating force for the economy. It was in fact one of the topmost sectors which was creating the majority of jobs across all countries, helping in the overall economic growth.

During these years, most of the entrepreneurs were willing to invest in any sort of dotcom business for the sake Read more

Engaging Customers Through Social Media – The Pros and Cons

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In any business, you need to create a brand image. However, the question is how can that be done effectively? Well, there is no systematic manual for building a brand image as every business is unique in its own way. Yet, to start with, you need a compact strategic planning for marketing to build a powerful brand image.

It’s true that technology has changed the archaic perception of building a brand image from traditional advertising to digital advertising. Social media marketing has emerged as the most cost-effective marketing strategy.

Nowadays, businesses focus on using social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., as these platforms enable them to directly interact with customers. After all, it’s the communication with the customers that helps the brand Read more

The 4 Most Cost Effective Marketing Tools


Starting your own business? Have you formulated your marketing strategies well? Before that, you need to understand the concept of marketing.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is not selling. Selling essentially means persuading people to procure your products. Unlike selling, marketing aims at customer interaction. It focuses on developing your business around your preferred customers. For that, you need to interact with your patrons to get pivotal ideas on consumer behavior as well as demographics such as their locations, what products they would prefer and at what cost, their views about your competitors, etc.

Now the question is how do you do marketing in the most cost-effective way? Well, listed below are some very cost-effective Read more

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