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Trends Driving the Future of Marketing

In the current age of the superfast Internet and smart phones, the need for marketing a product no longer solely depends on traditional methods. The focus has shifted from using the old methods like distributing company pamphlets, hiring brand icons to market products on television commercials, newspapers, etc. Although these methods are still prevalent, it has been taken over by smarter techniques and technologies.


In order for a product to succeed in this competitive market, brand managers need to smartly but aggressively market their products over the web. The advertising team comprises of skilled IT savvy people who are aware of all the latest marketing techniques. The trends that would drive the future of marketing include: Read more

Budget Friendly Marketing Ideas

Do you have your own business? That’s great! Do you have an effective marketing strategy or are you on a tight budget and can’t afford marketing strategies? Well, small businesses or start-ups may not always have the budget to spend on marketing strategies.

However, that is not a major problem. In fact, the bigger problem is having no marketing strategy in place at all – that is because without a marketing plan, promoting any business is next to impossible. If you are working on a tight budget, you can plan your strategies that are very budget friendly. In this article, we are sharing some budget friendly marketing ideas that can help you build your business.

budget-friendly-marketing-ideas Read more

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