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Should You Redesign Your Website Now?

Are you in two minds about redesigning your website? Although you have a feeling it’s the need of the hour, redesigning isn’t easy. It’s not a simple fine-tune – rather overloaded with significant revamping.

How will you know when is the right time to redesign your website? Here are 8 great questions you need to ask yourself. If your answers are mostly “No”, then “now” is the time for you!

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Common Web Design Mistakes Most Businesses Make



A website is the first point of contact between you and your clients. It plays a key role in marketing your business and branding it. Visitors who visit your website try to gather as much information as they can about you, the products you offer, your point of contact, etc.

Is your website design at par with the industry? We have seen that most businesses tend to avoid this grave issue and overlook its significance. Are you one of them?

How can you make a properly functioning, well-designed website for your business? The rule is quite simple – you just need to avoid these common web design mistakes! Read more

Some Important Pointers To Remember In Typography

Typography is the buzzword among graphic designers. And why not? Good typography is a sign of a successful web design. It’s because web design depends on text to a large extent that it is so vital in using the right type.

Typography has the potential to make even a mundane design look awesome. In our previous blog, we discussed why typography is important. In this blog, we have gone on to explore what matters the most in typography. Simply put, we have analyzed some factors that play a pivotal role in typography in creating the most amazing type.

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