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How Do You Create Cool Content That Goes Viral?

Do you know which is the most crowded place in the world that is busting with energy? No, it’s definitely not your place! It’s the WEB! Surprised? Well, every day people share a lot of information on the web, so it’s just swamped with data, which definitely makes it the most crowded place. It’s like a vast ocean and you are just a little droplet in it. So, how can you entice people with your content?

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It’s true that certain posts get wildly popular across social platforms. Take a look at the social profiles of celebrities. Whether they write 2 words or 20, it all gets instant likes and shares.

If you are into content strategy, it will be really nice to know what kind of content gets shared the most. Don’t worry about the tools, technology or platform you work on. Simply stick to the ground rule that spectacular content always gets the maximum shares. So, how can you create some cool stuff that goes viral? Read on! Read more

10 Reasons Why Your Business Blogs Suck

You have been blogging for your company for a while now, but the effort is not going anywhere. You have little traffic, and other than the time you replied to your own post, you’ve never gotten a single comment. You feel betrayed for buying into all the hype about blogging and social media and are convinced that it’s all a bunch of overblown crap.

When used right, blogging is a fantastic way to bring in new leads, boost your SEO, keep existing customers loyal, build a reputation in your field, and more. But used badly, it’s just a waste of time – for you, and for your readers (if you have any).

Here are the eight most common reasons why business blogs suck. Do any of them apply to yours? Read more

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