Tips and Tricks to Convert Website Traffic into Paying Customers



Increasing website traffic to your blogs takes both time and energy. The reason you started blogging is to earn money, isn’t it? Therefore, as soon as you have considerable traffic to your blog, it’s time you turn them into customers. Therefore, without wasting any more time, make the appropriate changes to increase your bottom-line.

In order to convert your web traffic into paying customers, you need to hit the right chord. But how do you hit the right chord? That’s the trick we are going to share with you in this blog post.

Catchy Captions

Many times, you are attracted by striking captions, right? A phrase like “Because You’re Worth It,” by L’Oreal, makes you feel that you’re really worth it. In fact, that’s the best way to attract visitors and woo them like potential customers. Think of some quirky phrases and quotes that are bound to arouse curiosity and desire to own the products. And the rest follows!





Include Testimonials

If you are ignoring client testimonials then you are missing something big. Start including testimonials to your blog. Your trustworthiness and professionalism will come to the fore when visitors visit your site.


Make sure you add all the clients’ testimonials. We have seen the conversion rate is higher when we include testimonials. Try them out and see the difference.

Check the Speed

Is your site taking a whole lot of time to load? If yes, then you might lose your potential customers. Customers who visit your site may lose interest if the page takes too long to load and eventually exit your site altogether.


Work on your page and improve the speed of your site. Only then will you be able to get visitors who will be willing to be your customers.

Add Company Logos

Are you including the company logos of all your clients? No? What are you waiting for? Brands attract attention and visitors who visit your site will consider you very professional and want to do business with you when they view these brands on your site.


Start including the company logos so that they get an idea of your work and the clients you deal with. It builds your brand reputation and paves the way for attracting new customers.

Incorporate a Call to Action

Including a call to action is vital for your company, as it urges the visitors to take immediate action. Your blogs are incomplete and ineffective if you don’t include a call to action.You can ask the visitors to share your blogs on social platforms.

call to action-medialabs

You need to add social media buttons to make the task easier for them. Do you know how it helps? The visitors may not become your customers but his/her friends and family – whoever sees the blog can eventually be your prospective customer. This is how word spreads and you get recognition.

What Tricks Do You Apply?

Do you apply the same tricks like us or do you have other tricks that work for you? Please share your thoughts as comments below.

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