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6 Best Lessons To Learn From Top Bloggers

Are you thinking of starting to blog for your brand? That’s a great idea! Have you done your research on how to get started? If you haven’t then you might want to start doing it from today. It’s best to collect as much information as you can before you start blogging. It will give you valuable insights and an assurance that you are following the best strategy for blogging. It will also help you as to how and why you should be blogging if you want brand recognition.



Before deciding to blog, we at MediaLabs, carried out an extensive research. We followed some of the top bloggers to get a few ideas on blogging from a different perspective, a perspective from the most experienced bloggers. In this blog, we would like to share what we learnt (we call them secrets!) from the best bloggers in the industry. Read more

Are Your Blogs Rocking?

Originally pieced together from the words “Web and Log,” a blog is a place where you log your thoughts and share your experiences on the web! A blog represents who you are and is one of the easiest tools to use where you can share just about anything. If you are looking for brand visibility and increased traffic to your website, then blogging is what you should be doing.

But are you finding it hard for your blog to get noticed? Then, you might need to ask yourself a few questions first before you start writing the next blog, like are you providing useful information to your target audience? It’s really important that your blogs provide valuable information for your community and clients. Today, we will share some splendid tips on how you can improve your blog posts that readers would love to read and share. Read more

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