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Originally pieced together from the words “Web and Log,” a blog is a place where you log your thoughts and share your experiences on the web! A blog represents who you are and is one of the easiest tools to use where you can share just about anything. If you are looking for brand visibility and increased traffic to your website, then blogging is what you should be doing.

But are you finding it hard for your blog to get noticed? Then, you might need to ask yourself a few questions first before you start writing the next blog, like are you providing useful information to your target audience? It’s really important that your blogs provide valuable information for your community and clients. Today, we will share some splendid tips on how you can improve your blog posts that readers would love to read and share.

Tip #1: Catchy Headlines: What made you to read this blog in the first place? The headline right? Headlines are often neglected by bloggers. If you think that it is the last thing that needs to be worked on, then you are mistaken. The title is what gets noticed first before you actually go on to read the content.



Hence, you need to focus and concoct a catchy headline for your blog. For instance, which seems like a more interesting title for a blog post – “How to Create a Catchy Headline For your Blog Post” or “Create Catchy Headlines For Your Blog Post? It’s obviously the first one, right?

Tip #2: Storytelling: We’ve been listening to stories right from childhood. Stories fascinate us, as we can relate to them. Stories with a personal tone where you share your personal experience or the way you solved a certain problem is always very interesting.



People always want to know who you are. So, the next time you decide to write a blog, don’t forget to tell your story. Storytelling also makes your blog unique and different from others.

Tip #3: Being Useful: Are your blogs loaded with information? Are they useful to the readers? When the readers are able to pick up some invaluable information is when your blogs will come into the spotlight. You can inform them about some of the latest trends, upcoming events or happening news related to your industry. It would really help your audience.

Tip #4: Include Images and Videos: Images will always produce the desired effect and so do some catchy videos. They help you to enhance your story. You will be able to fascinate your viewers using very captivating images. Charts, graphs and pie diagrams also make blogs very readable like the image below.


It would be fantastic if you could create your own images for your blogs rather than downloading them from elsewhere.

Tip #5: Have Loyal Followers: At the end of the day, you want loyal followers and not spammers. So, you need to build a loyal following to your blogs. You can do that by encouraging your readers, sharing their comments, replying to their questions.

loyal followers-blogging-medialabs


If you acknowledge them, they will also respond to you. When they find that they can trust you, they will try to connect with you.

Tip #6: Being Consistent: Do you blog whenever you want to, like may be once in several days, weeks or even months. If so, then you need to change your style of blogging. Blogging is the process of updating your blog on a very frequent basis. If you want readers for your blogs, then you need to post blogs on a consistent basis.



Once or twice a week can work wonders for you and your brand. Remember, your readers want to hear from you, so don’t let them down. Moreover, it also benefits the search engine rankings of your web page.

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